Cycling Is So Fun


I remember when I was young, I had a fascination for bicycles and felt a surge of satisfaction and excitement when I used to go for cycling with my friend. We were not good at antics but used to get highly thrilled whenever either one of us tried a fancy swerve or a jump and then coming to a screeching halt. It is a sport, which keeps you fit and sturdy and full of energy. There was a time when we tried our stint at moonlit cycling in the hills and the experience was simply exhilarating. It’s something which all of you should try some time or the other.

Cycling is a sport, which may not be as popular as basketball, cricket, or tennis, but it has a charm of its own. When you watch the riders’ head bent in concentration and their feet tirelessly pedaling, you do feel a rush of adrenaline in your blood. The excitement is intense as you watch your favorite sportsman trying to swerve and beat his or her opponent. It is not only a

Cycling In the Cold Weather


Well the cold weather is upon us again (for those of us in North) and it is time to get layered. For those of us who want to persist that is the best way to stay warm on the bike. Where I cycle in Calgary, Canada it gets quite cold in mornings and then can warm up considerably during the day during this time of year. You can have up to 40°F differential; this can present a challenge for staying warm and comfortable.

The key is to find clothing that is breathable yet breaks the cold wind in the morning. For my legs I have tried cheap lined nylon pants with my riding shorts underneath. This didn’t work out to well with my legs being soaked in sweat by the end of my ride. That is not a good thing when it is below freezing, you need to find something that will wick the moisture away. It is worth the money to get something better. I went to the Web to find what I was looking for and I found great deal on some fleece cycle tights. Well

Do You Love Sport Cycling


The inspiring story of Lance Armstrong’s determined struggle against cancer and his triumphant return to professional cycling has touched hundreds of thousands of people across the world. His seven straight wins in the world’s greatest cycling race, the Tour de France, has surely helped cycling’s profile.

But what is it about the sport of cycling that is so attractive?

In part, the partnership of man and machine has a distinct attraction. The modern-day bicycle, with cranks and pedals, was invented in the 1860s with the first bicycle race thought to have been conducted at the Parc de Saint-Cloud in Paris in 1868.

Man’s desire to cross a variety of terrain and desire to ride faster has driven the evolution of bicycles. The predecessors of the sleek, light-weight carbon bikes used in modern professional racing are steel-framed, welded and by comparison unwieldy machines.

For professional cyclists the difference between winning and losing a race may be a matter of a split second and the cutting edge technology of cycoe development demonstrates this.

Of course, not everyone who takes up cycling wants to compete at the elite level. Cycling is a sport attractive to

Older Female Athletes Need to Value Training to Play Sports

ALL female athletes – not just elite athletes – need to value training to play sports.

Researchers have shown there are many benefits for every female athlete – these are just some of the most important:

1. Minimize the risk of injury,*

2. Stabilize and strengthen the lower body, and

3. Minimize the risk of osteoarthritis (OA); this will affect 70% of all females that suffer knee injuries within 12 years of the injury as compared to injured males who may, or may not have an OA challenge within 20 years,

Let’s say you are thinking that injuries and sports HAPPEN!! AGREED!! However, did you know that the trained female athlete will bounce back more quickly than an untrained athlete?

Further, even though females play sports for far more social reasons than males – many want to be quicker, stronger, and generate more power – sport-specific training is the only way to optimize this for all athletes. Now, the teen female athlete has many challenges listed under “Differences between female and male athletes” on my website. One challenge – absence of a neuromuscular spurt at puberty – is attracting much attention

Benefits and Sport Cycling

It is a fun activity that is enjoyed by all ages and gives nothing but benefits to the people involved in this activity. It is also a highly competitive international sport. Cycling is mainly of three types; on-road, off-road and BMX or stunt cycling. There are different kinds of bikes to cater to each type of cycling.

No matter what type of cycling you opt for it will provide nothing but benefits.

Health benefits:

· It is an effective way to work out and reduce fat. A small amount of cycling can boost metabolism and help shed calories.

· It helps lower blood pressure levels.

· It provides protection from diabetes and strokes.

· It strengthens muscles.

· It improves co-ordination and is the ideal activity for children and the elderly for this purpose. The elderly who have been cycling for a long time have reduced chances of hip fracture.

· Since it promotes overall fitness people who cycle feel more energy in their daily activities.

Other benefits:

· During rush hour it can be the fastest mode of transport.

· It is obviously the most

Cycling Again And Make A Break For Freedom

For many of cycling is a totally alien sport, cycling is something that we did when we were children to get away from the pressures of our parents and experience the freedom of being miles and miles away from home with no one to tell us what to do. But as we get older we lose the feeling of needing freedom and instead chose to be rooted to the spot and spend our time moving between our place of work and our homes. But for many of us deep down inside we still crave a small amount of freedom, a chance to break away from the realities and pressures of our work and to a degree our home life. So why not look to cycling to satisfy this urge?

When we were children we all wanted a new bike, there was not a year that went by without at least either one of our friends or us getting a sparkling new bike, those were indeed exciting days. Today for many of us the nearest we come to cycling is catching the odd glimpse of the Tour De France or the Giro d’Italia on our television screen

Profit From The Most Drugged Up Sport

Now, it may be controversial to say that this is the most drugged up sport in the world, because let’s face it, there are *countless* sports that have drug problems.

This sport in particular has more than its’ share, and since it’s in the full flow as I write, it seemed worth pointing out ways to (legally!) make money from it…

The sport I’m talking about is cycling – in the news at the moment as the 94th Tour de France started this weekend with stages in England, the first time the Tour has been to my country in 13 years.

In fact the race came near my house, walking distance in fact, and I did briefly consider going to watch.

However, here’s why I didn’t…

Firstly, 200 cyclists going by at 20 mph doesn’t last that long, so it hardly seems worth the effort, and secondly I’m not a huge fan of cycling.

It seems to me that however much the legs, heart and lungs can be built up, there needs to be a certain natural make up of the body to even take part.
When you add to this

Save on Gas and Get Valuable Exercise by Cycling

Saving money and staying in shape rarely go hand-in-hand. Health clubs often charge exorbitant rates, and eating healthy has never been more expensive. Fortunately, there’s a cheap and fun way to get exercise; cycling. Even if you haven’t been on a bike in ages, it’s as easy as, well, riding a bike.

Bikes aren’t just for kids, either. A 2004 study by the CMI found that the most reliable way to get to work was by riding a bicycle. How often do you see bike back-ups on the local sidewalk? Probably not as often as you see yourself stuck in traffic, stressing whether you’ll make it to work on time or not. Speaking of stress, exercise is one of the most efficient ways to relieve stress. Cycling allows you to pump blood through your body while getting fresh air, which relaxes your body and makes you a less-stressed individual.

Not only is cycling great for your body, it’s great for your wallet as well. The maintenance for a bicycle pales in comparison to that of a bicycle. The average cost per mile to drive a car is up to 54.1 cents, while the average cost

Rebecca Rows To Cycling

Rebecca Romero.

Who is she, and how did she row to cycling celebration?
It’s a great goal achievement story…

I like watching the Olympics, especially the sports where we do well(!), so was eagerly watching the rowing at the Athens Games of 2004.
We have a good tradition in rowing, remember Sir Steve Redgrave’s 5 Golds at 5 Different Olympics?

Well, one of Britain’s rowing medallists in 2004 was Rebecca Romero.
She won a silver.

Well, yes I think so.

A silver tends to get lost in the huge amounts of medals given out, but as far as I’m concerned, *any* Olympic Medal is worthy of note.

After winning silver though, she became disillusioned with the way the sport was run in this country, so gave it up, and after a period of reflection, decided to take up track cycling.

In early 2006 she sorted herself a practice at a track, you know those big banked ovals, and had her first self-confessed ‘wobble’ around the track.

A year later, early 2007, and she won silver at the World Championships!
She is now on course to be in the

Cycling in Texas

Austin, Texas, has always boasted a highly active populace, and is often listed among the nation’s healthiest and most active cities. Cycling plays a huge role in this fitness-focused city, with an abundance of resources available to cyclists of every age and experience level. Austin’s unique landscape and close proximity to the rolling Texas hill country make it uniquely suited to both mountain biking and road biking alike, and enthusiasts of both sports flock to the city as a result.

Road biking is an extremely popular sport in Austin. Hundreds of cyclists pedal their way through Austin and its surrounding areas, taking in the scenery and the challenging, rolling hills that run for miles upon miles. Highway 360, which runs in a semicircle west of the city, is one of the most popular routes for road bikers, with its picturesque views, wide shoulders and bike lanes, and seemingly endless rolling hills. Within the city itself, there are a wide variety of beautiful, challenging road ways and routes that are dotted daily with road bikers. Mount Bonnel, located in the southwest central Austin, is a popular destination for cyclists and hikers alike, with stunning views, winding roads

Cycling Holidays Up and Down the Adriatic Coast

Every year, increases the number of holiday makers, introduced to the fun and delight of discovering the wonderful Italian Adriatic Coast landscapes, by bicycle.

A cycling holiday in Italy is so much more than a pedal promenade.

It is simply the best way to explore Italy, its natural reserves, its middle age castles and villages, its countryside.

Undiscovered destination far from crowded places, traffic and noisy cities.

Cycling holidays is a way to enjoy the sights and experiences of beautiful Italian valleys in a leisurely, enjoyable and comfortable way.

Cyclists of all abilities can look forward to an unforgettable holiday. The perfect choice for family and friends, an unforgettable experience to share, chatting and laughing all together. An opportunity to spend time with your family and friends.

From teenagers to tag along youngsters or toddlers in baby seats, this is a holiday that whole families can enjoy together.

Fresh air, exercise, great fun and plenty of excuses to pause for a while – whether for a cool dip in the river, a doze in the sun, an appetising lunch at local tavern or an hour or two exploring a castle.

Relieving Stress Through Sport Cycling

Stress is a part of everyday life and a certain amount of stress can usually be dealt with pretty effectively. However, when it builds to the point that it is seemingly ever present, steps need to be taken to significantly reduce the effects it has on the body. We live in a very fast-paced world and there seems to be less and less time for relaxing and just letting our minds rest. All that takes a toll on our mental outlook and our health in general. The results include headaches, stomach ailments, sleep problems and deteriorating well being.

Since we cannot eliminate stress from our lives we need to find a way to better deal with it and to treat the symptoms before they become incapacitating. Perhaps one of the best stress relievers is physical activity.
It does not matter whether you put on your cycling jersey and head out for a stimulating ride or lace up a pair of boxing gloves to take out your tension on a punching bag or any of dozens of other outlets. Just the act of releasing energy in a healthy way and allowing your mind to steer away from

The Future of Endurance Sport Cycling

I would like to address specifically what happens to the quality of endurance sports, when 90% of kids growing up today is not as active in daily life, as they were 15 – 20 years ago. Ask top atheletes in endurance sports about their life as kids and they will all tell you about how active they were. And I’m not necessarily referring to “organized” activities, such as practice etc. It is all the other little things, such as how did they get back and forth from practice (ran, biked etc).

How did they get back and forth from school (ran, biked) and basically how active they were growing up, doing all sorts of outdoor activities. All these “little” things led to a very active upbringing, which easily included 15-25 hours of training per week. This training was not “planned” or organized, it didn’t get recorded in a training log, it wasn’t “planned intervals”, but it all consisted of good, sound base training for endurance sports. This base “training” laid a very important foundation for their future success in their respective sports.

Without this foundation the athlete is not able to sustain the high volume

Best Type of Cycling

This is an interesting question to ask and likely does not have a right or wrong answer. Many people ask this question, but it’s simply not an easy thing to answer. The type of cycling that is best for you might be something that does not work for someone else.

The three main types of cycling include mountain biking, racing and road cycling. In mountain biking you would purchase a bike specific to this purpose that has been equipped with a heavy-duty frame and thicker tires. For people that like a little adventure, Mountain biking is the way to go. You get to ride on trails, mountains, forests and dirt roads and tracks. Often the riding is quite demanding and requires a person to be in good physical shape.

Racing is another genre of cycling and is quite popular today. Even for those that don’t plan to race on a professional level, this form of cycling fast can be quite exhilarating You will often see these types of riders dressed up in their fancy attire, with tight fitting, colorful clothing.

Road cycling might be the most common type of cycling. Many amateur riders will

Reasons Why an Electric Bicycle Encourage Cycling

There are people who want to ride a bicycle for transportation but have some strong reasons for not doing so. Some of these reasons are health reasons or issues that one has to deal with where riding a traditional bicycle might be too difficult for them. There is a technology called the electric bicycle that can help with these issues allowing one to ride them.

An electric bike can be ridden by anyone regardless of health that allows one to move a bit faster with an internal motor that helps the bicycle go faster. It’s run on battery power that’s charged by electricity. Speeds of over 20 miles per hour takes very little effort as the motor can do much of the work. There are some strong reasons for using an electric bicycle that could encourage cycling for some.

In most states and cities riding these bikes can be done without having a license. This means that one can get the advantage of faster speeds without buying and using something like a motorcycle.

Hills are another issue that cyclists face. The electric bike makes going up hills much easier. Those with knee and joint

Cycling With Core Breathing to Develop Endurance

Here are questions to ponder: How are you creating your breath and how are you breathing as you are cycling? How you answer that question is beginning to analyze your development of endurance within cycling. For how you create your breath is about the torso, it’s the physical side of endurance, performance, and how you are breathing during cycling. It’s about your pattern of breathing during different parts of your cycling. Do not think there is a right way or a wrong way to breathe for that idea limits your thinking on the subject of breath development within cycling for endurance. There is only an effective way or ineffective way to breathe using the core to enhance endurance while you’re cycling. Core and breathing development is the foundation for endurance and performance development.

If you cycle for fun, and want to increase enjoyment, ability, and performance in cycling, you need to learn to incorporate the development of your breathing abilities with core breathing as your foundation. Your actual physical force coming from the core area of the torso is in direct relationship to stage of your breathing. Core and breath are interlocked with the function of

Cycling In The USA

Cycling is an immensely popular sport worldwide. In many countries of the world cycling is used as a legitimate form of transportation besides being an athletic activity. This is not so much the case in the United States where more people drive automobiles However, even in this country cycling is a sport that is loved by millions. it is estimated that fifty- seven million people participate in this exhilarating physical activity. That is a whopping 27.3 percent of the population of the United States of those 16 years of age or older. Another statistic that supports the popularity of cycling is the number of bicycles sold. Figures for 2012 indicate that 6.1 billion dollars were spent on bicycles and products associated with cycling.

Obviously, those numbers indicate that cycling is a very lucrative business as well as a passionate sporting activity. Some of those who deem themselves to be cyclists are what we might call recreational riders. They love to put on the snazzy cycling jerseys and head out on their bikes routinely but they do not participate in races. Their reward might be the thrill of pushing themselves to longer distances or trying out new

How to Use Sports and Cycling

Most intermediate cyclists have been using sports drinks. They also know the importance of drinking lots of water. But most of them who want to venture into the professional level will want to consider eating sports bars.

These sports come in rectangle bar shapes most of the time. They are even sold at bicycle stores that are supposed to sell only bicycles! Due to its wide usage, you could always get it at a convenience store or your favorite supermarket. Examples of these sports bars include brand names like “Clif Bars” and “Torque Bars”.

They might come in different colors and tastes, but they all serve one same function, that is to replenish your body’s energy. These snack bars or energy bars often contain a mix of complex and simple carbohydrates that are essential for long cycling rides. These carbohydrates are further digested by our body to produce glycogen for our muscles. Sports drinks also serve this same purpose and contain almost the same ingredients, simple and complex carbohydrates.

What is the use of eating sports or snack bars then? The difference is that sports bars have other nutrients like fat, protein, vitamins, fiber

Cycling Training is on the Rise

Cycling is an enjoyable sport that is fast becoming more popular as time goes by. Since health and physical fitness has finally made its way into the world’s mainstream focus, cycling enthusiasts are on the rise. However, cycling is a mentally and physically demanding sport. It is not as simple as suddenly rising one morning to declare cycling as the new physical fitness answer. Even casual cycling requires a certain amount of physical fitness in the beginning. It is a sport that needs to start out at a slow pace, and build accordingly, preferably with a proper training program. As long as an appropriate training program is in place, almost anyone can become a good cyclist and fully enjoy the sport.

Endurance and stamina are built over a period of time. It takes work and dedication to succeed. Physical fitness for cycling includes a lot of different factors. Nutrition, rest, focus, safety, and a personalized training workout are all important in the world of cycling. The human body needs good nutrition and eating habits to help build muscle strength. A healthy breakfast, along with supplemental vitamins, creates a good foundation to build on. A well-rested mind

International Pro Cycling

Within three weeks the first classic Pro Tour Cycling event will take place; it is the Giro d’Italia which will open with a 28.5 kilometres stage in Palermo , Sicily followed by the Cefalu-Agrigento route of 207 kilometres.

It is no news to us the cycling world this high-demand sport has been severely hit by the constant doping cases involving the top cycling riders even Tour winners or team leaders. Therefore; in the French city of Paris many prominent cycling authorities have met to pursue a reform to the sport in order to set a new beginning and grow stronger in credibility.

Among the participants were: Victor Cordero, head of the International Association of Cycling Race Organisers (AIOCC), Eric Boyer from the International Association of Professional Cycling teams (AIGCP), French Cycling Federation (FFC) President Jean Pitallier and other representatives of Tour de France organiser Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO). The only missing part was that of the (UIC) International Cycling Union who unfortunately rejected the invitation.

These representatives met at the French Olympic Committee and agreed to sign a new declaration to restructure the sport regulation and doping wise as well as to create a