Cycling Holidays Up and Down the Adriatic Coast

Every year, increases the number of holiday makers, introduced to the fun and delight of discovering the wonderful Italian Adriatic Coast landscapes, by bicycle.

A cycling holiday in Italy is so much more than a pedal promenade.

It is simply the best way to explore Italy, its natural reserves, its middle age castles and villages, its countryside.

Undiscovered destination far from crowded places, traffic and noisy cities.

Cycling holidays is a way to enjoy the sights and experiences of beautiful Italian valleys in a leisurely, enjoyable and comfortable way.

Cyclists of all abilities can look forward to an unforgettable holiday. The perfect choice for family and friends, an unforgettable experience to share, chatting and laughing all together. An opportunity to spend time with your family and friends.

From teenagers to tag along youngsters or toddlers in baby seats, this is a holiday that whole families can enjoy together.

Fresh air, exercise, great fun and plenty of excuses to pause for a while – whether for a cool dip in the river, a doze in the sun, an appetising lunch at local tavern or an hour or two exploring a castle.

The best way to plan a cycling holiday is to find out a cycling holiday hotel. Those hotels are specialised in cycling tourists accommodation.

They have been selected for their excellent facilities, friendly welcome and exceptional standards.

Quite simply a cycling holiday gives you a real sense of achievement and independence but with the reassurance of knowing hotel staff is always there to provide support along the way.

Service and smiles! If you need anything – just ask the host.

You can choose your own daily route or follow existing mapped cycling routes.

You can choose the seaside or the countryside.

You can ask for a tour guide and have a nice day, up and down the streets of the eldest European Republic, San Marino.

For those cyclists looking for a physical challenge, they can ride some of the legendary routes of cycling history, while they enjoy the scenery, the sites and tasting flavours of Italy: Riccione Bike Hotels Cycling Holidays are unmissable.

Wherever you go you can enjoy excellent food and wine, there gastronomy will be a part of your holiday. Generous buffet breakfasts at the hotel will set you up for the day and your host will be happy to recommend restaurants or taverns for leisurely lunches and memorable dinners.

Friendly, helpful, reliable but unobtrusive, Riccione Bike staff are there to make sure, that everything runs smoothly throughout your holiday.

Relieving Stress Through Sport Cycling

Stress is a part of everyday life and a certain amount of stress can usually be dealt with pretty effectively. However, when it builds to the point that it is seemingly ever present, steps need to be taken to significantly reduce the effects it has on the body. We live in a very fast-paced world and there seems to be less and less time for relaxing and just letting our minds rest. All that takes a toll on our mental outlook and our health in general. The results include headaches, stomach ailments, sleep problems and deteriorating well being.

Since we cannot eliminate stress from our lives we need to find a way to better deal with it and to treat the symptoms before they become incapacitating. Perhaps one of the best stress relievers is physical activity.
It does not matter whether you put on your cycling jersey and head out for a stimulating ride or lace up a pair of boxing gloves to take out your tension on a punching bag or any of dozens of other outlets. Just the act of releasing energy in a healthy way and allowing your mind to steer away from whatever conflicts you are experiencing is helpful and healing.

The controlled breathing that we strive for when we are involved in a sporting activity is also a stress reliever. In addition, when we physically work our bodies strenuously we often reap the benefit of an endorphin rush which gives us a feeling of overall well-being. Cylists often experience this feeling and that is likely one of the things that keep them riding many long miles. That temporary feeling is very therapeutic and tends to crowd out any tension that we might have been experiencing previously. Participating in physical activity on a regular basis is a great way to balance the negative effects of building stress.

Besides reducing the stress levels in our bodies, physical activity also tones our muscles, increases our endurance, burns calories and provides us with a feeling of accomplishment. One does not have to be a trained athlete to participate in sports. There is a very long list of activities that can provide the kind of benefits that will improve life and on that list there is something for everyone. Finding what works best for you and making it a part of your daily routine will certainly improve not only your stress levels but also the overall quality of your life.

The Future of Endurance Sport Cycling

I would like to address specifically what happens to the quality of endurance sports, when 90% of kids growing up today is not as active in daily life, as they were 15 – 20 years ago. Ask top atheletes in endurance sports about their life as kids and they will all tell you about how active they were. And I’m not necessarily referring to “organized” activities, such as practice etc. It is all the other little things, such as how did they get back and forth from practice (ran, biked etc).

How did they get back and forth from school (ran, biked) and basically how active they were growing up, doing all sorts of outdoor activities. All these “little” things led to a very active upbringing, which easily included 15-25 hours of training per week. This training was not “planned” or organized, it didn’t get recorded in a training log, it wasn’t “planned intervals”, but it all consisted of good, sound base training for endurance sports. This base “training” laid a very important foundation for their future success in their respective sports.

Without this foundation the athlete is not able to sustain the high volume of training nesseccary for success (800-1100 hours per year). Today, more and more youth is sitting still. The hiking trips, fishing trips and all the other outdoor activities have been replaced by Playstation, McDonalds and TV shows. This is a terrible trend. To illustrate the point, take a look at medium and long distance running. Which nations have been dominating the scene the last 10-15 years? African nations. One of the reasons for their success is found in how these athletes lived as kids. Being active and eating simple, healthy food gave them the foundation for success later in life. I was once told a very interesting story, at a training camp: The Danish national long distance running team was at a training camp in Africa. On one of their long, hard endurance runs they ran past a group of young, African kids (12 years or so).

These kids were so intrigued by these tall, skinny white guys that they decided to join the team on the run. They ran with the Danes for the entire session and then returned home to continue their game of soccer. This should clearly illustrate the problem we have in the western world. In the sport of cycling and cross country skiing we don’t have the dominance from 2nd and 3rd world countries, mostly because these sports are very “equipment heavy”. It is not enough to run every day, you need a certain amount of money to even start. Because of this, we don’t have to panic in our sports, but the level of performance will drop. So, what can we do? Lets bring back the joy of outdoor activities!