Profit From The Most Drugged Up Sport

Now, it may be controversial to say that this is the most drugged up sport in the world, because let’s face it, there are *countless* sports that have drug problems.

This sport in particular has more than its’ share, and since it’s in the full flow as I write, it seemed worth pointing out ways to (legally!) make money from it…

The sport I’m talking about is cycling – in the news at the moment as the 94th Tour de France started this weekend with stages in England, the first time the Tour has been to my country in 13 years.

In fact the race came near my house, walking distance in fact, and I did briefly consider going to watch.

However, here’s why I didn’t…

Firstly, 200 cyclists going by at 20 mph doesn’t last that long, so it hardly seems worth the effort, and secondly I’m not a huge fan of cycling.

It seems to me that however much the legs, heart and lungs can be built up, there needs to be a certain natural make up of the body to even take part.
When you add to this the number of massive drug scandals that have hit cycling, and it’s not a sport at the top of my list.

I do enjoy making money from the sport though, and here are 3 ways to do it.

The first way is to be an affiliate.
This works by you sending web traffic to various cycling sites, and they give you commission on any sales made.
This works very well for equipment sites with a sport like cycling.

The advantage is that you don’t have to set up a website at all if you don’t want to, in fact the whole operation can be run cost free.
The downside is that you are competing with all the other affiliates!

The second method is to have your own site.
Obviously here you get to keep all the profits, but the downside is that you do have to set up and maintain your site, and will probably have to invest upfront in stock.

That reason alone is enough to put me off that idea.

The 3rd method is the one I use…

It’s to provide information.
Sports fans, and the cycling fans are no exception, are ravenous for information, and with the internet technology of today, it’s possible to provide this information at little cost, if not totally free – you don’t even need to create the information yourself!

You also get to keep all the profits, and the mark up potential is huge.

So, to sum up, cycling may be the most drugged up sport in the world, but that doesn’t stop it being a market you can profit from!