Cycling In The USA

Cycling is an immensely popular sport worldwide. In many countries of the world cycling is used as a legitimate form of transportation besides being an athletic activity. This is not so much the case in the United States where more people drive automobiles However, even in this country cycling is a sport that is loved by millions. it is estimated that fifty- seven million people participate in this exhilarating physical activity. That is a whopping 27.3 percent of the population of the United States of those 16 years of age or older. Another statistic that supports the popularity of cycling is the number of bicycles sold. Figures for 2012 indicate that 6.1 billion dollars were spent on bicycles and products associated with cycling.

Obviously, those numbers indicate that cycling is a very lucrative business as well as a passionate sporting activity. Some of those who deem themselves to be cyclists are what we might call recreational riders. They love to put on the snazzy cycling jerseys and head out on their bikes routinely but they do not participate in races. Their reward might be the thrill of pushing themselves to longer distances or trying out new paths, trails or roadways. They enjoy riding solo or with partners and also in groups but are not especially competitive in their sport. The benefits are substantial. Being outside in the fresh air rather than being cooped up in a sweaty gym is certainly appealing. Equally appealing are the benefits to the body, including building stamina, strengthening muscles, improving circulation, etc. It is no wonder there are so many who love this sport.

While there are far fewer individuals who cycle professionally, that number also continues to grow. With more and more races located at various places throughout the country, the opportunities to excel have expanded considerably as has the number of people who are involved in competitive cycling. Sadly, events of the past several years involving highly acclaimed riders who have polluted the sport has given a black eye to professional cycling. The widely publicized accounts of Lance Armstrong and his use of banned substances during races and his lying under oath about such activities leaves a bad taste in many people’s mouths about professional cyclists. That is unfortunate and unfair to the many cyclists who work hard to perfect their talents and who do play by the rules. Unfortunately, things can be spoiled by a few that can affect so many.


Do You Love Sport Cycling


The inspiring story of Lance Armstrong’s determined struggle against cancer and his triumphant return to professional cycling has touched hundreds of thousands of people across the world. His seven straight wins in the world’s greatest cycling race, the Tour de France, has surely helped cycling’s profile.

But what is it about the sport of cycling that is so attractive?

In part, the partnership of man and machine has a distinct attraction. The modern-day bicycle, with cranks and pedals, was invented in the 1860s with the first bicycle race thought to have been conducted at the Parc de Saint-Cloud in Paris in 1868.

Man’s desire to cross a variety of terrain and desire to ride faster has driven the evolution of bicycles. The predecessors of the sleek, light-weight carbon bikes used in modern professional racing are steel-framed, welded and by comparison unwieldy machines.

For professional cyclists the difference between winning and losing a race may be a matter of a split second and the cutting edge technology of cycoe development demonstrates this.

Of course, not everyone who takes up cycling wants to compete at the elite level. Cycling is a sport attractive to people in of walks of life and which is certainly not confined to road racing.

Mountain bike riding is exceptionally popular, as is cyclo-cross riding. Bikes with sturdy tyres, flat handle bars and gearing appropriate to hilly terrain are used for these forms of cycling. By contrast, road cyclists use bikes with a more aggressive geometry that permit attainment of greater speed.

In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, many people choose to commute by bicycle. A hybrid bike, which marries features of a road and mountain bike, is ideal for this purpose.

Cycling is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise, meaning that you can improve your aerobic fitness and endurance by undertaking the activity. Regular cycling can also help you to lose weight. The sport of cycling is essentially non weight-bearing, meaning that your joints are spared the repetitive impact of sports such as running. If you have sustained a musculoskeletal injury cycling is an excellent way of attaining a workout without causing further damage.

Riding a bicycle does require a certain degree of balance and skill, much of which though many of us acquire as children.

Aside from the health benefits of cycling, many people find that it is a great social activity. Clubs and groups are regularly found in many areas promoting the sport for enjoyment and fitness and regularly stopping off for a coffee and chat afterwards.

So if you have a desire to be the master of your own machineand to get fit and with the aid of the increase in promotion of cycling as a great contribution to the environment, cycling could be the sport for you.