Cycling Again And Make A Break For Freedom

For many of cycling is a totally alien sport, cycling is something that we did when we were children to get away from the pressures of our parents and experience the freedom of being miles and miles away from home with no one to tell us what to do. But as we get older we lose the feeling of needing freedom and instead chose to be rooted to the spot and spend our time moving between our place of work and our homes. But for many of us deep down inside we still crave a small amount of freedom, a chance to break away from the realities and pressures of our work and to a degree our home life. So why not look to cycling to satisfy this urge?

When we were children we all wanted a new bike, there was not a year that went by without at least either one of our friends or us getting a sparkling new bike, those were indeed exciting days. Today for many of us the nearest we come to cycling is catching the odd glimpse of the Tour De France or the Giro d’Italia on our television screen or a lycra clad cyclist out for a ride early on a Sunday morning.

The tyres that you rode on your bike were always a hot topic. The tyre of choice was always the Maxxis Ignitor. The Maxxis Ignitor was a rugged, go anywhere tyre that lasted forever and would do any task asked of it. The Maxxis Ignitor was certainly the tyre that the cool kids rode back in the day.

So what is to stop you digging out that old bike that you bought five years ago and left in the shed to go all rusty? Why not make a break for a little freedom and try to once more enjoy the freedom that cycling afforded you when you were a child? If you have a family there is nothing to stop you from taking the whole crew out for a ride once or twice a week and reveling on two wheels.

If you think that cycling is going to be the way forward for you then there are a few things that you can do to make to make the experience a little easier for yourself. Make sure that you and your complete family are kitted out properly for starters. Those Lycra clad Sunday riders know a thing or two about comfort, hence why they wear what they do. Cycling shorts have a soft padded seat sown into them to them make the ride a little more comfortable as well as minimizing the aches and pains of the post ride. These shorts will not totally alleviate any tender spots totally but they will go quite a way to helping you to potentially get back on the bike within two to three days. Any aches and pains that you feel in the seat area do pass with time when your body gets used to the feeling of sitting on a saddle for any length of time.

There are a few different types of cycling shorts available on the market, some with a synthetic padding in and some with the more traditional chamois leather padding. Both are as good as each other but the newer synthetic ones are easier to keep clean as they are machine washable and the chamois ones have to be washed by hand and then have a cream applied to them to keep the chamois supple.

So now is the perfect time to make that decision to make a break for it and get that bike out of the shed or garage and re-live the feeling of having the wind rushing through your hair and the freedom of the open road that you last felt when you were a child.